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Clover POS: Employee Login Cards

Natalie Fox

Employee Login Cards, Secure & Fast!

Use Employee Login Cards as well as Employee Pin to Login to Clover POS

  • -Secure other employees, staff viewing others Login Pins
  • -Fast, speed to separate each Employee between Orders, Transactions

Login to your Clover Station, Mobile, Mini or Flex by swiping an Employee Card…
Or continue to use an Employee Login Pin as always.

Use Employee Card to Login on ALL Clover devices!

Open Employee App

Click Individual Employee Name

Click the Edit Pencil in Individual Employee File

“To order additional employee security cards, please call”
Note: This is the number to call to order 20 Employee Cards for $20

Swipe the new Employee Card with cursor in this field

Employee Card Number will automatically populate in the field

Save Employee File

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