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Hospitality Event Bar Venues

Hospitality Event Bar Venues

We do not even open our door until 6PM!

Our Bartenders and Cocktail Servers process 500 Orders Per Person Per Night.
Speed of Orders and Transactions are an absolute requirement.

C4F2 Results makes certain our Hospitality Event Bar Venues are ready to deliver high quality fast service at ALL hours in ALL types of venues in ALL ways.

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Our Staff trains for the “Last Call” to make sure we maximize the end of the night.

We setup Beer and Jello Shot Tubs for Holiday Nights, but need a mobile form of payment.

QR Codes on tables, Customers Self-Service for Drinks and Food, Pay, Staff Completes Order at Bar or Kitchen and we just need Runners, Bussers and Hosts.

Cocktail Servers in the parking lot will work the crowd closest to the stage, fire orders to the bar only with payment and only need to pick-up from the service station, run to the guest and on to the next.

When the VIP Ticket Attendee Door Opens, our Bar and Kitchen is immediately flooded with drink orders and food orders. We work towards max 5 minute ticket times in Kitchen, less than 1 minute ticket times at the Bar and Service Bar.

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