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Market & Grocery Café

Market & Grocery Café

C4F2 Results barcode and label systems make it easy for your customers to order and your cashiers at checkout!

market cheese seller in the supermarket

Customer starts at the Deli Counter

Clerk slices my cheeses and meats, weight, bag and…

Custom Product Weight Barcode Label Prints for each Customer choice

Ready to Scan Custom Product Weight Barcode Label at the Cashier Point-of-Sale (POS)

Customer at checkout also feels speed and efficiency with Cashier’s use of barcode scanner, Apple Pay, Android Pay, ALL Payments as well as Cash or Stamp Credit with EBT.

Cashier also has a Scale Integrated with Point-of-Sale (POS) to weigh and ring my farm fresh items.

C4F2 Results works to ease and accelerate the Market/Grocery Café’ Customer Experience

Our C4F2 Results Market & Grocery Café Customers also offer Made-to-Order (MTO) Food

Customers Order Online for Pick-up or Kiosk Order before they shop!

Ready for Pick-up Made-to-Order (MTO) Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner as they finish shopping.

market grill bbq fry meat grill meat meat sausage
market beautiful female baker posing with various types of meat

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