Installing, Training and Servicing Customers 10+ Years

Self-Service, MTO, Full Ordering Kiosk

Self-Service, MTO, Full Ordering Kiosk

Your Customer walks into your Fast Casual Restaurant or Pizza Shop or Café or Coffee Shop…

Think of your most modern chain Fast Food Burger or Taco spot WITHOUT Front-of-House Staff or Cashiers… Made-To-Order (MTO) Convenience Deli… Kiosk or Kiosk Mode.

self service happy waiter serving food to group of cheerful friends

Greeting your Customer is a High Graphic, Custom Branded, 24” Screen on heavy metal stand with Printer and ALL Payments stands ready to Take a Full Custom Order, Fire to Kitchen and Bar Printers, all as fast as your Customers move.

C4F2 Results will…







C4F2 Results will also turn on Kiosk Mode in a 14” Screen Point-of-Sale (POS)

Staffing challenges in One Man Operations through Lunch
Security Wall protecting your Employees and Line Cooks

C4F2 Results Self-Service, MTO, Full Ordering Kiosk works!

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