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Welcome to the C4F2 Results Pizza Point-of-Sale (POS) IT Software and Hardware Solution expert experience!

Speed of Pizza Customer Service, Order, Transaction, Pick-up and Delivery

Online Ordering Delivery Full POS Integration

Innovation with Online Ordering via EVERY multi-media, social media and browser

ALL Most important for growth, success and repetition for ANY Pizza Shop.

pizza top view of a group of friends eating big pizzas

Decades old Pizza Shop answers the phone…. Line 3

“Hi Jen, is your phone number…”

Caller ID Box feeds a Pop-up Window on POS Screen

Displays Jen’s Customer Profile

“Pick-up or Delivery”

CLICK “New Order”

“What can we get started for you today?”

In a busy local pizza shop…

“Ding, Ding, Ding”, Kitchen and Pizza Printers with your Paid Delivery App Order.

Mateo, New Customer, found your “Order Delivery” Button Online.

Repeat walk-in ordering…

Olivia, Regular Customer, is here to Pick-up and use her $5 VIP Reward.

Easy-to-use online ordering…

Lucas found the “Order Food” Button in your Social Media Profile, Ordered Super Bowl Special.

Marketing results made easy….

Liz has a Combo Coupon Code, valid through Thursday, from the Social Media Post, and used it for her Online Order for Pick-up.

pizza waiter woman serving group of friends with pizza
pizza assortment of italian pizzas in a shop display

Our list of innovative examples could go on and on…

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